Proxy is not working. Reasons and problem solution.

  • Jan 30, 2024, 7:01 PM
  • 6 minutes

You need to establish a connection with a dedicated proxy server to gain free access to internet content. However, there are also disadvantages in their operation, and sometimes the proxy server does not work, and this is a real problem. Proxy servers often fail for a variety of reasons. We will consider the most popular reasons why proxy Firefox socks5 is not working today and show you how to check if the server is working or not.

Internet connection issues

Many people wonder why their proxy server is not working. When the proxy rejects the connection, users often encounter problems and find that the server is not working. Evidence of this is the message that appears on the computer screen notifying about the problem. This often happens in various browsers. It would be helpful if you identified the reason for the proxy server's refusal to accept the connection in order to quickly resolve this issue. It is recommended to take the following actions if you are experiencing difficulties with the proxy server due to errors and problems with your internet connection:

  • Analyze the nature of the problem: determine if the error and malfunctions are affecting your device, proxy server, or internet connection. Test the effectiveness of the proxy server by testing your connection on multiple devices or networks.
  • Review proxy server configurations to ensure their accuracy, absence of problems, and follow your organization's policy or proxy server service provider's recommendations to avoid issues.
  • Reset the link: if you are experiencing any temporary connection problems, reset the settings of your modem and router and connect all your devices to the network.

To avoid a failure in the automatic proxy server setup in Windows 10, check for updates in the built-in software and applications. Ensure that the latest fixes and updates are installed on all computers, network equipment, and related software.

Incorrect firewall settings

Sometimes the reasons why the Mac proxy server settings are not working lie in the settings themselves. Use the methods listed below to fix the issue if there is a problem in the firewall configuration that prevents the proxy server from working:

  • Find the firewall application running on your computer or network.
  • Go to the configuration settings of the firewall application after launching it. Often, you can access it by selecting "Settings", "Preferences", or "Advanced Settings".
  • Locate the section that contains rules for applications or internet access. You need to do this to set permissions for your proxy server software.
  • Create a new network permission entry for your proxy server software if you cannot find it in the list. Allow internet access (incoming and outgoing traffic) and specify the path to the application.
  • Ensure that the specified firewall settings ports for your proxy server software are open without issues.
  • To apply the changes, save them and restart the firewall and proxy server programs.
  • To ensure proper functionality and configuration, test your proxy connection.

You can fix any errors and issues caused by incorrect firewall settings for the proxy server and restore the proper functioning of your proxy server by carefully following these procedures.

Poor quality free proxy servers

If you are using low-quality free proxies, you may wonder why your server is not working and how to fix the problem. Due to several major challenges, the use of free low-quality proxy servers often leads to their failures, which becomes a problem. These challenges may include connection interruptions, data transmission restrictions, inadequate security, and vulnerability to hackers. The low performance of such proxy servers can negatively affect online activities and jeopardize user security, making surfing less efficient and secure.

Free services do not allow HTTPS connections for another reason: they want to track you. In the past, several hackers used these websites to steal clients' personal data. Ensuring your own security is the best way to avoid this proxy problem.

So-called cookies, which include all data about logins, usernames, and passwords, are formed when using any website. Additionally, since the proxy server acts as an intermediary between you and the website, the creator of such services can intercept cookie files and use them for their own interests. This poses a burden on user privacy and anonymous internet usage.

Users who use free proxy services should be aware of these dangers, as the potential consequences of a server failure can far outweigh any presumed benefits. Therefore, to protect the confidentiality and efficiency of your proxy use, it is recommended to use premium-class proxy servers.

Try changing your proxy provider

Sometimes your proxy server is not working because you choose a service with a bad reputation and cannot fix it. Some providers offer low-quality proxy servers, which affect their performance. In this situation, you may need to change providers. Online Proxy from a reputable company is the best replacement for problematic free servers. This organization has a solid track record and has established itself as an industry leader. Here, you have access to countless reliable proxy servers.

You can choose the frequency of changing your IP address with OnlineProxy. Online services will not block you if you use the highest-paying proxy server because the entire internet perceives you as a real person, not a robot. Some key advantages of the service include:

  • 99.5% uptime;
  • unlimited proxy server traffic;
  • city targeting;
  • a huge number of proxy servers;
  • over 60 million IP addresses.

Online Proxy is a premium proxy service provider that offers a wide range of servers that comply with ethical standards, advanced scraping tools, and top-notch customer service. It is a highly recommended choice for corporations and users seeking a reliable and efficient solution for residential proxy servers. This proxy service can offer you one of the fastest available services, regardless of where in the world you need an IP address.

How to check if the proxy is working or not?

This is a brief guide on how to check if the proxy server is working or not:

  • Enter the required local proxy settings (IP address and port) in the corresponding configuration sections to configure your device or application to use the server.
  • After accessing it, go to the IP address checking tool in your favorite web browser. Pay attention to the indicated IP address and geographical region.
  • Identify any discrepancies between your IP address and location as they are presented and your actual IP address and location. Your home proxy server is not working as it should if the information is accurate. However, if the presented information comes from a proxy server that should not match your IP address or location, then the proxy server is working correctly.
  • Visit numerous geographically restricted websites or use online services that further block access to specific regions to assess the effectiveness of your connection to the proxy server. Your proxy connection is functioning properly if you can access these websites without errors and issues.

Finally, evaluate how well your connection worked when using the proxy server and performing the test. Stable browsing speed and overall efficiency indicate that your proxy server is working at its maximum performance. On the other hand, if there are significant delays or connection problems, you may need to use a different proxy server or contact your provider.

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