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  • Jul 12, 2021, 12:57 PM
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Today’s world is changing very fast. Even the speed of the newscasters’ speech on TV has significantly increased over the last 50 years. Everything that is slow is not appreciated in this world anymore, not counting slow motion in the video world. However even this technique is applied for several seconds only.

The most crucial thing today is to have fast access to any kind of information; independently if it is a video, photo or text information. Nobody wants to spend time waiting for their inquiry to be found on the Web. Even though it seems that today you can find everything and get access to any resource on the World Wide Web, this is false. Not all information on the Web can be easily accessed. There are certain schemes that allow showing certain data to certain regions only. Also, it is possible to block IP addresses and in such a way restrict or block access to certain resources.

Proxies are intermediates between a user and his destination website. Proxy servers change his Internet Protocol address to a new one meeting his request hallway to the destination website. In such a way the destination site cannot get any real data about you. You can even choose the country you are in and it will perceive you as a resident of that country.

If you have dealt with different proxies, you must have paid attention to the fact that the speed between them differed. As an ordinary user, you can grin and bear it. However, slow connection is something that frustrates any user. Businesses cannot do without proxy services. They are not able to conduct various essential processes without proxies, such as:

  • masking IP;
  • data protection;
  • screen scraping;
  • unblocking sites (unblock internet proxy);
  • avoiding rate limits etc.

As a business user, you cannot suffer slow proxies! Reliable proxies with fast servers are a sustainable factor for all these processes.

It is significant to use high speed proxies without “fall offs” for organizations and businesses. Otherwise they will lose time and money, something that any business cannot allow itself to lose.

This article will tell you everything about the conditions of proxy speed. You will find out what exactly determines their speed and how to choose the best proxy service.

Fast Proxies

The proxy speed is essential for increasing efficiency and receiving the results you desire.

Depending on the proxy speed, the pace speed of the round trip for an Internet data submission is determined. Usually the speed of a proxy service’s servers is measured in milliseconds or seconds.

However, there are many factors that influence the round trip in addition to the proxy itself. Here these factors are:

  • the Internet visitor;
  • passes to the proxy server;
  • passes to the destination site;
  • passes back to the service’s proxy server;
  • passes to the user who has originated the process.

You will see that different proxies feature different speeds. However, there are certain measures you can take to keep the process from slowing down or to fasten it up.

There are various testing services for proxy servers and other things such as download and upload speed etc. Most of them are free. Do not be afraid to use them to check the accommodation you have chosen.

To find a reputable accommodation with fast products always pay attention at providers covering the next points.

Offer multiple locations around the globe

A possibility to choose the location is very important. In such a way you can make sure that the server is located close to you and obtain a fast-working product. Reputable companies have lots of countries worldwide to choose from.

Have unlimited bandwidth

There should be no bandwidth limits. Limits in bandwidth affect the network's speed. Some companies state they have unlimited bandwidth, but indeed they have bandwidth throttling. This is when a proxy accommodation or network provider makes your linkage slower on purpose. You should use reputable accommodation to avoid this practice.

Provide free trials

Never be shy to try a product if there are free trials! You will not lose anything, but gain a sense of confidence in your provider. Companies that offer free trials are not afraid to give you a possibility of testing their product. This practice is correct. In such a way clients can be confident that they are paying for a worthwhile product.

Resting upon these significant criteria you will be able to choose the company with fastest proxies that will cope with all your tasks.

What Determines Speed Limits

Learn what factors contribute to the speed of the accommodations in discussion.

Free Access

Free accommodations are available on the Web and they attract many users. You can find a fast free proxy list on the Internet. However, such free products can be used by the general public which means an unlimited quantity of users receives access to the limited resources of the servers.

Obviously, in such a situation the speed cannot be impressive. Moreover, the connection will “fall off” all the time if the servers are overloaded.

Most free accommodations cannot afford a lot of bandwidth because their funds are limited. Besides, you are at the risk of being hacked if you are using free accommodation from the Internet.

Server Location

Server location also determines the speed of the product under consideration. If the server is located somewhere far from you, you will not be pleased with the speed. That little proxy will have to make a big journey to connect. Thus, it is crucial to use accommodations that offer multiple locations to choose from. Always buy proxies that are close to you.

Type of Proxy

There are various proxy types out there. Some of them are incredible in terms of speed and some of them are not. Learn everything about the proxy type your provider offers to decide if its product is suitable for your specific needs.

Bandwidth Limits

It is easy to mix up the two terms: speed and bandwidth. These are completely different concepts. Bandwidth is actually the volume of information that one connection can cope with. In other words, it is the amount of data that can be sent over your proxy or Web linkage. This value can be measured in megabits per second.

To explain better, bandwidth is about how fast data can be passed over time. The bigger the bandwidth’s value is, the more information you can send over a time period and the quicker is your proxy speed. This is especially significant when there is a need to transmit large chunks of information, for example, during web-scraping.

There are also certain things you should not do in order to maintain fast work in your accommodation. Here they are:

Persistent connections

Persistent connections that stay open for extra info exchanges after the initial HTTP submission and response provide benefits (such as reduced CPU and memory usage). Unfortunately proxy accommodations are not created for persistent connections. As a rule a proxy connection is unavailable after one submission and one response. It may happen that the accommodation detects and disables a keep-alive header in an inquiry.

Additional Internet Protocols on Server

Usually proxy servers have a certain quantity of Internet protocols (despite the word “certain” can stand for tens of thousands or more. Besides, they can limit concurrent tying in per IP. There are people who need more than just that at a stated time. You can either use many proxies (to obtain more addresses running at the same time) or slow your crawl rate on the proxy you are using.

OnlineProxy Service as a Solution

OnlineProxy offers high-end mobile proxies. This means that they are assigned to real devices like tablets and smartphones. The devices are connected to 3G or 4G Internet via mobile operators. This type of proxies is authentic which means you obtain a high level of security and low ban probability. OnlineProxy states that you will experience 99.5 % without a ban. Not many proxy services can boast such a percentage.

The proxies at OnlineProxy are fast. They are assigned to servers that work fast. You will not experience “fall offs” of connection in the most important moments of your sessions. They are comfortable to use. Everything is easy and intuitive.

OnlineProxy can boast cheap prices and fast speed simultaneously. This service competes with such mastodons as Luminati, Smartproxy, Oxylabs and others even though the prices at these prominent companies are higher. You can choose from paying for gigabytes or unlimited proxy traffic.

If you are paying for gigabytes, it is very comfortable to check the remaining traffic as it is updated once in an hour. You can check it in your personal account. If you are paying for unlimited traffic, the name tells for itself.

Moreover, you can try OnlineProxy’s product for free. To receive free proxy, it is necessary to:

  • write to OnlineProxy’s bot;
  • take a short survey;
  • get a free proxy.

As simple as ABC!

All the information about using proxies with different browsers is available on the site. In case you experience any difficulties, turn to the attentive and friendly client support service. It is available around the clock to answer all your questions.

Unlike many other free accommodations, OnlineProxy has an impressive list of the available countries. You can choose from over 150 locations and even target up to the city. This is precious for organizations and businesses. OnlineProxy works with over 200 mobile operators (such as MTS, T-Mobile, O2, Sprint and others) and more than 60 million IP addresses are at your disposal.

If you need a remote proxy service, choose this company. Your experience with OnlineProxy proxies will be smooth and comfortable if you decide to:

  • conduct parsing and scraping;
  • unblock various geo-restricted resources (unblock proxy server);
  • protect your brand;
  • work with various advertising networks;
  • conduct market research;
  • monitor the prices;
  • analyze the market;
  • masslike / massfollow / masscomment etc.

If you need a fast buy 4g proxy service, turn to OnlineProxy and you will not be disappointed. Take the most out of the Internet with fast OnlineProxy proxies.

A fast proxy IP will increase the efficiency of your work. Now, knowing everything about this, you cannot simply close your eyes and continue using slow products.

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